NFTalks in NYC (this Monday!)

In Beats + Bytes by Nue Agency

With CES sparsely attended this year, Sundance going fully virtual, the Grammys postponed to Spring, the Superbowl potentially pushed to Texas, and Frieze being put on freeze (for now), the story of 2022 so far is large scale events getting omicrushed.

Still, the desire to connect is high as the culture around Web3 is driving tons of collaboration and concepts. It remains an exciting time. My strategy? Livestream if you’re going big and keep it intimate in person.

This weekend in Miami, a bunch of us got together for our first Web3 happy hour. It was really nice to get a crew together in person to exchange ideas. I’m in New York next week where Nue is putting together a NFT Talk at a secret location on Monday (1/17). I’m moderating, Alex is speaking, and some great guests are joining us on stage to discuss the intersection of Music and Web3.

Whether you’re a seasoned expert with multiple Bored Apes or a curious noob eager to learn more, this talk will have something for you. We’ll cover all of the latest trends, cultural topics, and market activity. Come build with our Beats & Bytes community! You’ll walk away with some new utility, some alpha, and maybe even a POAP.

The paradigm is shifting and the landscape is being built in real time. If you’re around and up for some IRL connection, reach out and we’ll get you an invite. 630pm-9pm in the LES.

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