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Newsletters are an important part of my morning. I subscribe to a dozen or so daily blasts that keep me well informed.

Some, like MusicRedef, aggregate news. Others report the news. And folks like Cherrie Hu and Dan Runcie deliver full-on thinkpieces.

Beats & Bytes is a hybrid of these approaches. We like to curate and disseminate the best of the best in music, brands, and tech, but we have a point of view, too.

Putting a newsletter together is kind of like going to the gym. It keeps you sharp and builds your strengths. It also keeps you top of mind in an increasingly crowded “attention economy.”

Newsletter culture has grown significantly since we launched and the pandemic is taking it to new heights. B2B companies that rely on the annual circuit of trade shows and exhibitions for networking and customer relations — as well as smaller businesses that earn customers through word-of-mouth referrals — need newsletters to keep customers and fans in the loop, since in-person opportunities are lost.

One of my favorite daily newsletters is TheFutureParty. They used to host a very hot party but have evolved into a daily breakdown of key stories and trends. I’m excited to be doing a few cool things with them this week.

First, the founders, Boye Fajinmi and Paul Yurick, are joining me for Beats & Bytes Live TONIGHT at 9pm EST to talk about their history and how they built such a fantastic newsletter brand. Tune in on my LinkedIn page.

Then, on Thursday, I’m taking part in Face The Music, their virtual conversation about the digital transformation of music, and the opportunities that lie ahead. Sign up for an invite here:

The afterparty is Thursday night on Clubhouse. Check out the 9pm Future Of Audio show my friend Jon Kurland from Audible and I are doing on the app. If you don’t know, now you know…

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