New Year, New Goals for Beats + Bytes

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I’m excited to leave last year in the past. 2020 is truly just hindsight now.

Although there aren’t any surefire signs of rapid change, all roads point to the return of events, parties, conferences, and live music by the end of the year. At worst we will be back on by 2022.

Will we ever return to the normal we once knew? I don’t believe we will. The future will be about adopting a new normal. We are now in a decade of transformation.

In music, that change is evident in my trends and predictions for 2021. The music industry is in a really interesting spot and, in many ways, is the center of pandemic culture.

But the world has shifted across the board — from tech and crypto, to politics, business, travel, and beyond. How are you capitalizing and building strategies around these trends and others you see taking shape?

My focus for 2021 is building community. Beats and Bytes, the newsletter, is an iteration of our award show, FlashFWD, which aimed to honor the best and brightest in music and tech. It shined a spotlight on the creators helping save the music industry and rewrite the rules.

Over the course of the pandemic, our readership has grown. It’s exciting to see so many people passionate about the intersection of music, technology, and brands.

Today, we want to learn more about you and how we can better serve you and your industry. I hope you don’t mind answering this quick, five question survey which will help us understand what you would like to see and receive in 2021.

We really appreciate the feedback and the continued support as we take Beats & Bytes further than ever in 2021.

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