Musicians As Marketers

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One of the most challenging aspects of the transition Nue went through — from representing artists to representing brands — was suddenly having to turn down profitable clients, emerging artists, and the opportunities we had previously found so appealing. We went from wanting the 50 Cent’s to wanting the Forbes 500’s, and we knew we had to go all in to successfully switch. Luckily, the recipe we’d honed in taking baby bands to big stadiums applied perfectly to bringing baby brands to consumers.

The synergies between bands and brands are much discussed. Popular artists have a formula that brand marketers can learn from, while brands frequently operate at a scale and strength that artists must tap into in order to reach new heights. Rockstar voices lend credibility where brands deliver unfathomable market power.

On October 18th, exclusively at the Worldz, we sit down with Jake Udell & the sisters of Krewella for a power-packed discussion of the band-brand bridge. Worldz is a great festival, full of new ideas and attended by inspiring cultural marketers, and I highly recommend you get your ticket today.

Hitting the Right Note // Musicians as Marketers, The Rockstar Business Plan
October 18th at 3:00PM (PST) – Long Beach Performing Arts Center 300 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802

Keep your business in-tune by learning from today’s tastemakers – musicians. You’ll hear the step by step, time-tested method of how artists go from performing in their garages to selling out stadiums. Experts will outline what brands can learn from this process and how they can directly apply this strategy to their business.

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