Live from NFT.NYC 🎙🗽

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Coming to you live, Air Force 1’s on the ground from NFT NYC. There’s a lot to report 🙂

First, a good deal has changed since the last NFT NYC in November. It’s at least doubled in size.

The sentiment is definitely different, too. The hype cycle is over and it’s time to build something real. Surprisingly, the big players want prices to come down and to rid the space of the folks who jumped in solely because it was hot. We need focus now.

The WAGMI vibe is quietly leaving. We aren’t all gonna make it anymore. We need leaders with experience and intelligent application of big ideas.

Beyond the collectible craze of NFTs, there haven’t been sufficient use cases for crypto. And NFTs still need to be easier to transact in order for mainstream adoption. There isn’t a solution yet.

The next evolution will come, it’s a question of when. Web3’s protocol is going to be about ownership, whether data or access points. The wallet will remain the building block of our digital identities. Think about a Myspace Web 3.0 network based off your wallet instead of your IP address.

Music will remain at the forefront of all digital revolutions. It was the first to be decimated by Napster and piracy when the internet took mainstream course. It buoyed the fame and success of many a social media star in Web 2.0. And now it’s steering the Web 3 ship.

But some of the brightest minds in music and tech have conflicting views. Is it about digital merch? Enhanced fan clubs? Live innovations? Fan investment and music co-ownership? Labels going indie versus crowdfunding? Opinions are like smartphones: everybody has one. That’s part of what’s so exciting. We’re all early but the right people are coming to the party.

Beyond music, there are fantastic concepts developing across different verticals. I’m hearing impressive and thoughtful ideas in wine & spirits, fashion, TV, gaming, movies, and real estate. The people putting forth these ideas are all looking to solve problems, from climate change to racial injustice and poverty. The aim is a different form of capitalism where the fiduciary duty moves in equal or greater measure to the financial stake of the shareholders. I still believe the true Web3 builders and contributors are coming from a place of wanting to make the world better for everyone.

It’s inspiring to see and be a part of this. Today’s the last day in the mix. Catch me outside.

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