Greenest Week of 2022

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Welcome to the Greenest Week of 2022, where 4/20 and Earth Day fall in the same 7-day window and Spring emerges. There’s certainly a lot to appreciate.

Since the SAFE Banking Act passed the House (for a fourth time) in April 2021, the Cannabiz has had its challenges. The bill’s fate in the Senate remains unclear, and we won’t know more until August at least. This bill would allow financial advancements in the industry, specifically the use of bank loans and credit cards. It’s crazy to think these companies are functioning with no bank loans, no credit card capabilities, and no ability to safely scale their businesses. In addition, SAFE would open cannabis up to U.S. exchanges and capital markets.

Still, SAFE is not the comprehensive federal legalization that many are calling for, which would end the laws keeping people (primarily those of color) in prison for selling small amounts of the same product that now results in massive, legal, financial gain.

We have much further to go as a country, but we’re seeing progress nonetheless, especially on the state level in East Coast states like New Jersey, where legal adult usage begins this week. New York and Connecut are expected to follow suit.

From a marketing perspective, I’m glad to see more and more brands entering the fray. Cannabis is infinitely marketable and many exciting campaigns are being tied to 4/20, such as the $4.20 Jack in the Box “Pineapple Express Shake,” available today only, and TGI Fridays’ “Blazed and Glazed” deal that runs through May 4th.

Earth Day is similarly reliable for brand engagement, as evidenced by the support for Mother Gaia and Levi’s “Project Survival,” which sees the denim brand releasing vintage styles from their ‘60s and ‘70s archives to promote sustainability and pay homage to the early climate fighters. Another cool activation is Soda Stream’s Earth Month Campaign with SEE Turtles, an NGO that raises funds and awareness to protect endangered sea turtles. It features none other than David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff. It’s great to see companies run timely, socially responsible campaigns with meaningful action behind them.

I’ll be in New Orleans next Wednesday speaking at the NOLA MusicTech Conference, and sticking around for the Jazz Fest kickoff Thursday night. I haven’t been to The Big Easy since the pandemic began, and it’s a different world now, so hit me with your best recs. I need to see, taste, and do what’s new!

If you’re around to connect or want to attend the talk, I can get you a discount code 🙂

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