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I’m a big holiday person. I love the hallmark holidays because any reason to bring people together is a good reason. Throw in a festive theme with history and tradition and I’m tripling down. Might f*ck around and cop a pet reindeer this year, LOL.

Thanksgiving, though, is the be-all, end-all in my family, the only time some of us lets loose in one place. But in the last decade, a new holiday tradition has caught on that I’m particularly thankful for. No, I’m not talking about Cyber Monday although this newsletter’s archive might indicate otherwise. I’m talking about Friendsgiving.

In many ways, Friendsgiving is more righteous than Thanksgiving. You not only spend it with people you choose, but it gives folks who can’t travel or might not have holiday-focused families a chance to feel the love. You really have to lean in to make it happen and often you’re doing double duty with a friends affair one night and a family affair to follow.

That’s what’s happening this year when my buddy, the DJ/producer/creative extraordinaire, Sean Glass, is throwing a Friendsgiving party at Gospel on Thanksgiving Eve aka the second biggest party night of the year after New Year’s Eve. I’m on as a host and we’re doing a dinner beforehand from 7-9pm.

If you’re around you should come. Nothing is more Thanksgiving than Friendsgiving.

Gobble, Gobble, Turkey Time!

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