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There are countless “big baller” weekends in Miami each year, but none are as high roller as when F1 comes to town. The second annual Miami Grand Prix made it clear that this event is going to be a staple down here.

It was great to have so many friends in town for the event. There were high profile activations all over town and everyone from Diddy, to Diana Ross, to Lauryn Hill was in the mix touching stages, rocking mics, and making waves.

But the big name that delivered the most was Will.I.Am.

Will was recently announced as the Global Artist in Residency for F1. He kicked things off with a Lil Wayne collab called “The Formula” which debuted on theFormula 1 Miami Grand Prix broadcast. Then, Will used the big race to launch his new app, FYI (Focus Your Ideas).

FYI feels like the ultimate creative project manager. It has all of the features that Will would want for launching a project, so as a use case, Will used the app to manage all of the logistics of creating and releasing “The Formula” with Weezy.

If I had to describe FYI in one sentence it would be: Community meets Notion, Evernote, and WhatsApp all wrapped in AI.

I commend Will for always embracing tech. He’s a curious and passionate creative that loves doing the right thing while keeping the pulse of innovation. FYI is an example of Will using his tech chops to build something that provides real value for project managers in all fields. So when Julie Pilat, the famed curator and now-Chief Growth Officer of FYI, called me about leading a panel on AI, I was thrilled.

I’ve been thinking non-stop about the implications of AI for culture and music, so I was siked to dive deep on this topic with like-minded leaders. I also just love moderating panels 🙂 Little did I know, Will.I.Am himself would be joining the conversation! He’s well known for being well versed on a wide range of topics, but his insights on AI, culture, and why he built an app that has AI in its DNA were mind-blowing nonetheless. He sees AI for what it is: a tool that can make our lives better, smarter, and faster, all while democratizing tech and managerial power.

Also on the deck for our poolside chat was FWB founder and former Spotify Artist in Residency, Trevor McFedries (aka DJ Skeet Skeet). Trevor is also the CEO of Brud, the company responsible for digital superstar Lil Miquela. When it comes to the future of culture, Trevor is indispensable.

The conversation was focused and, at times, intense. Will.I.Am is a revolutionary who is once again at the forefront of a tech revolution. His plan is to empower people to take on the giants and protect the arts. I have nothing but love and respect for his mission.

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