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This week at Mondo, during our session, we announced our partnership with music data powerhouse, Chartmetric, to roll out a comprehensive monthly report dubbed “Stat of the Week.” This weekly digest delves into the most talked about brand partnerships in music and the shared benefits that artists and brands gain from these collaborations.

Published exclusively on the Beats + Bytes email and LinkedIn newsletter, this partnership capitalizes on the music industry and brand marketing experience of myself, Clayton Durant, and the Beats + Bytes editorial team. Boasting more than two decades of experience across the music and brand partnerships industries, Clay and I will harness the vast repository of data from Chartmetric to provide an enriched perspective on the value exchange that occurs when brands and artists collaborate.

At Nue, our thesis for a winning curation formula around brand collaborations has always been Data + Taste. When it comes to Beats + Bytes and the industry stories we chronicle, Chartmetric gives us a new access point to the storytelling around some of the most impactful partnerships of this era. Our core mission through this partnership is to accentuate the unparalleled value that music artists can introduce to brands, paving the way for more strategic and impactful collaborations in the industry.

Having already detailed partnerships like Fansly’s ring girl partnership with Saweetie and Heinz’s strategic sauce release tapping into “Swiftonomics”, each analysis helps marketers and musicians better understand the mutual value they can generate and the framework for a strategic music brand partnership.

This editorial partnership between Beats + Bytes and Chartmetric comes at a time when brand marketers are pushing a higher percentage of their budgets into music marketing activities and partnerships. For example, our friends at Live Nation have seen more brands invest in live music than ever, a major reason why their sponsorships division reported a double digit growth year-over-year per their latest quarterly report.

Furthermore, we want to highlight that even as the economic climate presents challenges, brands remain steadfast in their commitment to marketing and advertising with an intensified emphasis on influencer marketing. However, there’s a disconnect: despite this surge in influencer marketing, many brands often overlook artists. The reason? It’s not just the intricacies of music licensing that pose a problem; the core issue is that many marketers lack the essential data, insights, and narratives to identify the ideal artist for a particular campaign.

As brands increasingly view influencer marketing as their conduit to genuinely engage with consumers across demographics, the music industry — and its constellation of artists — stands on the brink of an opportunity. Artists can establish themselves as the foremost influencer genre within the thriving creator economy, poised to claim a significant portion of the $5 billion creator economy market.

As I addressed in my talk at PTTOW last week, artists are the ultimate influencers. They are creative beacons with audiences and platforms that allow their music and message to transcend space and time. The music business can be complicated and difficult to navigate. Do you work with labels, managers, artists directly, platforms, or agencies? Timing and strategic alignment with the right people and partners is paramount to success. We know it’s worth it. Music is the number one passion point for Gen Z, regardless of gender. Music doesn’t just drive emotion, it creates oxytocin.

Any way to create easier, more surefire partnerships in music is what we’re about. Armed with Chartmetric’s data, Nue is in an incredibly strong position to be telling these stories. Brands are looking for super fans and new ways to get fans involved. Please let us know if you want in.

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