Content Will King You

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Never before has it been such an exciting time to be a creator.

With so many platforms starving for content, creators are in the driver seat. They have the ability to control who they want to work with and when. Everyone now must pander to the creator.

In a world where 50K songs are being uploaded daily to Spotify (and even more to YouTube), the rules have changed. Content is less about quality and more about cadence, consistency, and audience traction. The goal is to stay on top of the social graph.

There are more platforms, options, and tools available than ever; and there’s a whole ecosystem built around supporting this new economy. From financial tools like HiFi, to marketing and distribution platforms like Symphonic, it’s wonderful to see how an artist can build a massive brand from their bedroom.

This puts a LOT of pressure on creators, though. Instagram is coaching its top performers to take advantage of their algorithm, encouraging 2 to 3 static posts a day (!!) and 11 to 13 stories. That’s a big ask. Spotify head, Daniel Ek, recently said something similar: “musicians need to get used to creating and releasing more music.”

Unlimited output has resulted in boom times for the labels, too. UMG went public yesterday and is straight up soaring. Warner’s stock followed suit, making both companies billions of dollars in one day. Thanks, artists 😉

The question used to be, “What’s more important? Distribution or content?” But it’s clear as day now: content will king you, and creators are wearing the crowns.
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