Brooklyn in the Summer

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In the U.S., certain cities are known for certain times of year: Chicago in August (Lollapalooza, we back!); Miami in December; and the Pacific Northwest once the rain finally stops in July. But do any of these beat Brooklyn in June?

I remember growing up in Brooklyn, and in June it was the place to be. Block parties. BBQs. Fire hydrants blasting water.

Before I went full pandemic nomad, living in Williamsburg was magical. It was filled with energy, culture, style, and taste. From the music venues to the coffee shops and shopping, Brooklyn stays rocking.

Well, June is back and we are finally outside again. Restaurants are filling up. The parks are humming and, slowly but surely, live music is re-emerging.

As I walk through town, the streets are changing. Except for key staples, New York always feels brand new to me…and I’ve lived here nearly my whole life! That’s New York for you: always evolving.

But like many places, it’s in need of help, which is why I’m excited to be setting up shop back in Brooklyn for the month of June. It’s New York’s Music Month and the scene is R-E-A-D-Y. I felt like I needed to back in the action as we rebuild the city bigger and better than ever.


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