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Brand drops and creative collaborations were a big story this week. As marketers, we know the best way to reach millennials is primarily via Twitter and Instagram, so the latest trend of unexpected, buzz-worthy collaborations, which The Future Party has dubbed “Productization,” seems like a logical new tactic.

Releasing creative, out-of-the-box products to superfans has become the most reliable way for popular brands to generate headlines and, in some cases, substantial revenue. Forget millions of dollars in Super Bowl, NBA All-Star, or Grammy ads. You can release a novelty product and let the earned media hits flow in.

Just over the last few days we have seen:

All of this goes to show the continued importance of brand identity and super-serving your most loyal consumers (and helps explain the demise of Brandless, which closed its doors this month).

One thing that jumps out is the opportunity for artist partnerships to amplify these types of initiatives. Unexpected pairings with some of the premiere curators of culture will absolutely raise the profile and credibility for brands, further amplifying these socially sticky campaigns.

Just a little… $15,000 food for thought.

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