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We finally made it. Election day is here!

What a wild race it’s been. I definitely feel a little anxious. To watch two ridiculously dynamic personalities battling it out to be the leader of the free world is something else.

The coverage has been absurd and every day another piece of the plot revealed itself. Another saga, another headline grabbing news story. The election has dominated all of my social graphs day-in and day-out for the entire year.

No one thought Trump would get this far. But this is the world we live in. A world where celebrity culture cuts through the noise. Trump’s earned media impressions massively out weighed Hillary’s. Trump is a clear illustration of the power of social media paired with celebrity culture. Personally I’m looking forward to the next chapter in our great country’s history.

Either way, I hope to see all of you rocking your “I Voted” stickers. It’s our civic duty. But Just remember: no selfies in the voting booth! Don’t pull a Justin Timberlake and have the authorities after you.



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In advance of the new album Popcast takes on A Tribe Called Quest with NYT writer Touré who spoke with the remaining members.

Tribe Called Quest


Walkmen’s Hamilton Leithauser and former Vampire Weekend producer/instrumentalist Rostam Batmanglij perform “1959.”

Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam:

GET provides music designed for the brain (generated by an AI) to improve focus, meditation, relaxation, naps & sleep within 15 minutes of use.
Music For Your Brain


Japandroids are set to release a new album and tour the world non-stop. Check out their new single Near To The Wild Heart Of Life.

Near To The Wild Heart Of Life