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We had quite a European adventure these past few weeks, but it’s good to be back in the US of A.

Like a cutting edge chef, a great cultural marketer should be in the field sampling and tasting to allow different environments and approaches to expand horizons and further the craft.

Travel gets the ideas flowing and makes my dreams more vivid. Things come up that I haven’t thought about for decades. I’ve only recently come to understand the importance of vacation. It’s a beautiful thing.

I witnessed the launch of the Tour de France and the marvel of Bilbao’s Guggenheim; I enjoyed so many special meals and saw some wonderful cities. I was so enamored by the coastal surroundings, I considered renaming the newsletter Beaches + Bites for the Summer 🙂

Looking ahead to Q3, it feels like the key theme of 2023 remains nostalgia.

Threads made a splash by harking back to a time we all seem to remember fondly, when Twitter was pure. I’m loving the platform so far. It’s like we’re all starting again with the early adopters setting the culture in real time. Threads solved a major problem – porting audiences from Instagram – but also gave us a chance to reset our social graphs. Will it last? I’m not sure, but it’s the most fun place to connect right now. Bluesky and Spill have something unique but they haven’t captured mainstream attention the way Threads has.

Speaking of nostalgia, it’s all Barbie everything these next few weeks. So far, the soundtrack executive produced by Mark Ronson has featured some of the best songs of the summer and the marketing campaign is being lauded as legendary. Color me impressed.

Today, we’re in Miami shooting an exciting collaboration between a coffee company and a Latin music star. His new track will premiere as part of the campaign. Combining music and brands in this manner is my favorite thing to do, so I’m over the moon about being on set.

The rest of the summer you’ll see Beaches + Bytes (!) in cities from NYC, to Malibu, to Palm Springs… even the outskirts of Seattle. It’s time to make the most of these dog days!

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