A Playlist Is Not A Marketing Plan

In Beats + Bytes by Nue Agency

In the latest edition of our Beats, Bytes and Brands column for Adweek, Clay Durant and I address the art of playlists and how they pertain to brand marketing. In a world where there is more content being released than ever, curation is regaining its standing as the arbiter of cool.

We realize playlists are no replacement for a marketing plan, but they are becoming increasingly important in the audio ecosystem.

We see playlists being used in five key capacities:

  1. Enhancing the product experience
  2. Connecting to fans’ lifestyles
  3. Helping fans find brand syncs
  4. Bridging the gap with IRL events
  5. Developing new models focused on podcasting

The article highlights interesting case studies such as audio mood boards, playlist event recaps, brands spawning from playlists, and how sync is elevated by playlist placement. Here’s the full article in Adweek.

As the podcast revolution continues to grow and take shape, podcast playlists are unquestionably becoming important in tracking and categorizing releases.

Speaking of podcasts, here’s a conference recap I recorded for Brandweek. What a fantastic week. Hello to my new friends and colleagues!

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