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Last week, I published an article in AdAge on why brands need a chief entertainment officer. I’m glad to see it resonating with many of my peers.

The truth is, even though this role doesn’t exist within many companies yet, it’s crucial that companies and their executives start thinking more along these lines. The entertainment landscape has gotten harder than ever to navigate. It’s ever-changing and very dynamic. Whether it’s content creation, events, licensing, influencer marketing, or capitalizing on key cultural moments, having someone in-house to build out your business in new, exciting ways is a gamechanger.

This is especially the case if culture and entertainment are not spaces you natively understand. Brands, entertainment, and the tech world are now intimately linked. Real ROI will come from measured bets and a diversified approach. That’s how you build a differentiated brand and create a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your consumer.

The urgency of this need may vary from sector to sector, but we have reached the point where every business can benefit from a chief entertainment officer.

The chief entertainment officer oversees everything from content creation to talent procurement; from music activations to trends and insights. These efforts are no longer a luxury, they’re a necessity. Savvy brand managers will make an impact on culture and capitalize in both the indie and major worlds.

I go into further detail in the piece. Check it out. 

If you’re not ready to bring someone in-house, you can hire a firm like ours to help you navigate culture and find the right opportunities to align more deeply with music, both as an overarching strategy and on a case-by-case level.

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