A Love Letter To Music

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Music is the universal language. It’s the great connector and the lowest barrier to shifting culture. When you shift culture, all of your long-term KPI’s have the best shot at being realized.

Music is extremely dynamic. It’s the trojan horse that travels fast across multiple airwaves. It cuts through the clutter.

Music is where tastemakers live. It’s a reflection of the times. If you want to know what’s hot and relevant regionally, find out what young people are listening to there. Musicians are the sherpas of style.

As Americans, our most impactful exports are technology and culture. If you have any interest in impacting culture, you need to have a deep connection to music.

But the music industry is a complicated world to navigate. Labels, managers, agents, lawyers, tour managers, ad agencies, artists, publishers, media companies, DSPs…where do you begin? What is the path of least resistance?

Music was the first business to be decimated by the digital revolution, but also the first to build back at the turn of the century. Superstars are getting harder to come by, purpose is rising in importance, and the Luddites are destined to be dinosaurs.

From Web3 to livestreaming to AI, we don’t know what’s next. What’s certain is there’s a consortium of journalists, technologists, practitioners, and artists razor-focused on the space. As I take time to reflect over Passover, the holiday weekend, and a trip to Israel next week, I want to give a shout out to my music biz contemporaries in the trenches, the suites, backstage, and on stage. You know who you are!

Peace, love & music.

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