The Biggest Band in the World

In Beats + Bytes by Nue Agency

Are the Jonas Brothers the biggest band in the world right now? In a market run by mainstream niches, it’s tough to say. But it sure feels like they’re crossing over better than anyone else.

Their new album, Happiness Begins, came out Friday and while the music isn’t making a quantum splash save the singles, the band is literally EVERYWHERE. The SNL appearance, the CBS Sunday Morning show, the steady flow of staying top of mind during crucial cultural moments; it’s really working.

That’s how you become a pop star in 2019 or, in the JB’s case, remain pop stars. It’s less about the music and more about the social graph. These brothers and their superstar wives have that on lock.

How seriously they’re connecting was first brought to my attention by Jeff Swierk at MasterCard. Jeff mentioned a deal he’d done with the band for their new tour, one he’d cut early on in their reunion rollout. The tour was selling phenomenally, adding more and more dates by the week, and eventually elevated to two sold out nights at Madison Square Garden plus a Barclays shows. Just wow. That’s why big companies like MasterCard need hip, engaged executives like Jeff in their suites. A finger on the pulse means money in the bank.

The Happiness Begins listening party was last week atop the Dream Hotel. It was well done and the buzz felt real. The band’s endorsement agent at UTA broke the success of the campaign down into three categories:

1) The band brings back good feelings from the past (the nostalgia factor) while supplying a hopeful glimpse into the future because they’re as on point as ever.

2) Young parents who grew up listening to the band as kids can replicate that experience for their kids, creating a wonderful shared experience. These parents have disposable income and get to spend it on themselves and their kids at once.

3) The Jonas Brothers generate the perfect storm of celebrity, music, and the timing of this moment.

Good things always come in threes, right? Well, I would add a fourth item to this list: how creative and committed the members stayed during their time apart.

We had Nick Jonas, as he was exploring Broadway, speak on our Social Music Day during Social Media Week in NYC. At the time he was the fifth most popular person on Twitter behind Bieber, Obama, Katy Perry, and the Dali Lama. His solo project was bonkers and his collabs always kept things current.

I remember when Joe Jonas was getting into cigars. It was his thing. And then DNCE started up. I would see him at Bar and Books on Hudson immersing himself in Cigar Culture™ and strategizing with his crew. DNCE hit it big and Joe solidified his position as a bonafide superstar.

Kevin took the more unexpected, although no less ambitious, route. He launched an influencer marketing company before influencer marketing was influencer marketing at all. He took the top floor of a building in NYU, called it The Blu Market, and made it pop. It was quite a scene.

I can’t remember another act that did as much in its downtime as these three. They’ve always stayed true to themselves and continued to evolve and grow. Granted, I’m a sucker for brothers that work together (hi, Alex!), but I genuinely dig their single. It’s currently #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, so I guess it’s true: with Jagger dancing through health problems and U2 off-cycle, the Jonas Brothers are the biggest band in the world right now.

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