Video Is The New Black

In Beats + Bytes by Nue Agency

It’s been 22 years since Bill Gates famously framed online marketing in royal terms with three words of wisdom: content is king.

The 2010’s clarified this further, with the kings and, more frequently, the queens of content coalescing around one medium in particular: video.

But the landscape of the last couple years has proven even more specific. Video alone no longer leads. “Short form video” is the new telephone call.

We operate in bursts now, and people use short form video in previously unimaginable ways: a final conversation with a dying relative; a group chat, between airports even, for work; a global superstar letting millions of fans know (at once!) what kind of day they’re having. Video is everything and everywhere because nothing is more convincing than seeing it for yourself. Video or it didn’t happen.

This intimacy equals currency. We want to find the people maximizing this medium to foster real dialogue. We want to get out of the vacuum of “traditional” social media and into the video vortex. So, if you or someone around you has their finger on the pulse of this insurgent form of communication — shaping, shifting, and disrupting culture with video content — Nue needs to know! I don’t mean people being paid to play or simply selling their single. I mean game changers, thought leaders, and groundbreakers.

Reply to this email. Point us in your direction. We have something exciting cooking over here…

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