Beats & Bytes: 2016 MTV VMAs

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This weekend I was invited to my third VMAs. My first one was when I signed and represented the Clipse and Justin Timberlake for his world premiere of his first single as a solo artist featuring Clipse.

The second time was when my client Wale was the house band. This year we were invited down by our partners at MTV2 and it was the biggest and best production yet. The performances were spectacular and as usual it featured music’s biggest stars.

If you knew me growing up you knew I was obsessed with the VMAs and MTV. But it was a different era then as videos were the craze and MTV was everything when it came to them.

This year there were only a few awards and the winners barely even showed up to accept. Although one can argue in the digital era the video is more relevant than ever there was a definite disconnect in the work and the hype.

It would be great to see all of the nominations get a proper spotlight on them. With MTV doing a proper build up to the awards that highlighted other facets of the business like the tech. I did see an activation with my friends at but I’d love MTV to make this meater. All in all it was still an amazing experience and I hope I can help them make next year even better.

This week It’s the quiet before the storm with a much needed week long siesta in Martha’s Vineyard. Catch you after Labor Day!

– @JesseKay


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